I hand-inked a 1933 P.T. Barnum type specimen from American Type Foundry, creating a playful and idiosyncratic wordmark. 
Wordmark Process
The images below show initial sketches of the wordmark as well as options for the name of the archery shop. When coming up with options for the name of the shop, I looked into the history or the sport and materials that use to be used to make bow and arrows. 
Yew, ash, and hen feathers are all materials that have been used in the past. A quiver is a satchel that holds arrows, and Merry Meak is a reference to the tales of Robin Hood.
In the end, Yew & Ash was the most unique and distinct. It also emphasizes the use of natural materials, which fits in to the mission of the company.
Experiments to find the final type lockup.
Experiments to find the final type lockup.
A look into the process of digitizing the Wordmark. Each angle and curve was measured and recreated digitally.
Sustainable Products
I designed reusable packaging, that customers could purchase, use, and bring the tins back to the shop to be refilled.

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